Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Tre$ – Let Me Feel Your Body (Sensuous Mix)

Tre$ – Let Me Feel Your Body (Sensuous Mix) (written by Glenda, Mari, and Neida Torres and Steve and Marisa Bonilla and produced by Guy Manganiello and remixed by Courtney Branch and Tracy Kendrick)

This is one of those songs, by one of those bands, left behind without a trace of ever existing.

I know that Priority Records no longer exists and was probably done before the Internet was a necessity, but I also think that we have something else from this label. This song in no way has anything to do with the track of the same name by One Way. That’s a track from the 80’s that we likely have on a 45, but we won’t know until Erica gets to the O’s. This was a gamble with a decent payout for a twelve inch maxi-single. Unless we discover that this was bought in a lot with others by the same band, this Tre$ club mix will be our only find.

Fortunately, it reminds me a little of Whitney Houston because of the female lead vocals and the way in which they are delivered. It also has a male lead performing his lyrics by rapping over the dance track which seems like a precursor to the more refined trip hop movement later on in the 90’s, as this was released in 1990. Basically, that’s the extent of what I could gather from the fine print on the disc’s label. I’m only disappointed in myself for trying so hard to find more information for you, because I like this and would definitely fit it into a dance mix for an upbeat time.

– Mr. Richard

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