Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Mos Def – Brown Sugar (Extra Sweet) (Scott Storch Remix ft. Faith Evans)

Mos Def – Brown Sugar (Extra Sweet) (Scott Storch Remix ft. Faith Evans) (written by Mos Def and produced by Kanye West and remixed by Scott Storch)

Talk about a high school flashback. When I found this, I was taken back to when I really discovered hip hop and rap. I had always listened to it on the radio and watched the music videos afterschool when they still aired them.

This single by Mos Def is from the 2002 soundtrack to the movie of the same name and starring himself, ironically about an A&R who is in love with the woman that he discovered hip hop with. Although Mos Def is not the main character, he plays the cabbie and secret rapper that the plot unfolds around. Of course, the steamy Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan are the main couple, but Mos Def’s character eventually asks out Queen Latifah’s character and he gets airplay on Hot 97.

I wish I had found the entire soundtrack, as it features “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop)” by Erykah Badu featuring Common which was a Billboard chart topper that year. However, I loved this song and still do. Faith Evans’ part compliments the song well too and makes it more relevant to the film it scores.

Sadly, this is the only song on vinyl by Mos Def, born Dante Smith going by Yasiin Bey as of 2012, in our collection. Mos was a child actor and focused on acting in school. Of all the rappers/actors, I think that he excels and will be remembered for both because he has not given up on one or the other.

– Mr. Richard

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*Erica’s note – Mr. Richard and I both apologize for last night’s missed review. Due to the weather, he can’t get on my computer as much as I’m home working on it (ugh, day job!). We shouldn’t miss anymore!

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