Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (2/8 – 2/15)

Did everyone enjoy their Valentine’s Day? We ended up needing to cancel our reservations in the city because of more damn snow but we did make it a full week of roomie gifts.

First up, Mr. Richard hit up RRRecords for my gifts. He scooped up two discs from DMX, RuPaul and one from Nate Dogg. I’ve never been to the store as they’re often closed when I think to go there, but the roommate is obsessed with the store. He already has some set aside to pick up that he won’t tell me about! He says they’re “too good and wants to surprise me”.

I ended up getting the albums on Wednesday night since I scooped up a gift for Mr. Richard and had to spill the beans. The aftermath of his illness has left some schedule and control issues so we did need to plan for his Friday night gift. I scored some last minutes to Green Porno (AKA Isabella Rossellini). A little animal sex was perfect for Valentine’s Day! I’ll be writing more about in the monthly wrap up in a few weeks so be on the look out!

Yesterday, we hit up Garnick’s for a quick fix yesterday and to visit with Robert, who was in Florida last week. We picked up some really, really random albums, like a Care Bears picture book and disc and more. I was even gifted a Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers single too! For about a 20 minute trip in, it was well worth it.

This update was a bit brief, but as many of you know, I gotta get outside and shovel some more! This winter in New England has been insane!! If you’re here with me, I hope you’re safe and warm!

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