Shades Of Blue

Otis Jackson Jr. (born October 24, 1973), known professionally as Madlib, is an American DJ, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and music producer. He is one of the most prolific and critically acclaimed hip hop producers of the 2000s. Madlib has described himself as a “DJ first, producer second, and MC last,” and he has done several projects as a DJ, mixer, or remixer.

Shades of Blue is a remix album by producer Madlib over the archives of Blue Note Records. The album was released on Blue Note itself in 2003.

I’m not going to list all the musicians that contributed, but if you’re interested in the original recording used, here goes!

  • “Slim’s Return” – Originally recorded by Gene Harris & The Three Sounds as “The Book of Slim” and also contains samples from Milt Jackson as “People Make The World Go Around”
  • “Distant Land” – Originally recorded by Donald Byrd as “Distant Land”
  • “Mystic Bounce” – Originally recorded by Ronnie Foster as “Mystic Brew”
  • “Stormy” – Originally recorded by Reuben Wilson
  • “Please Set Me at Ease” – Originally recorded by Bobbi Humphrey
  • “Stepping Into Tomorrow” – Originally recorded by Donald Byrd
  • “Andrew Hill Break” – Originally recorded by Andrew Hill as “Illusion”
  • “Montara” – Originally recorded by Bobby Hutcherson
  • “Song for My Father” – Originally recorded by Horace Silver
  • “Footprints” – Originally recorded by Wayne Shorter
  • “Peace/Dolphin Dance” – Originally recorded by Horace Silver & Herbie Hancock


Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note


Side One

Slim’s Return
Distant Land
Mystic Bounce

Side Two

Blue Note Interlude
Please Set Me at Ease
Funky Blue Note
Alfred Lion Interlude

Side Three

Stepping into Tomorrow
Andrew Hill Break

Side Four

Song for My Father
Peace / Dolphin Dance


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