Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Queen – Radio Ga Ga

Queen – Radio Ga Ga (written by Roger Taylor and produced by Queen and Mack)

Queen was a tough band to review. Partially because what can be said that hasn’t already? Also, we don’t have as many of their singles as I thought we might have. I was going to pick “You’re My Best Friend”, but it felt a little too obvious. That song is on my Tracks for Erica playlist and I do love it, however I worship “Radio Ga Ga”.

For me, it is the epitome of Queen’s sound and creativity. The group certainly beat Rihanna to using non-word lyrics in a song. It has that post disco, new wave influenced, popular rock sound that is Queen. Plus, its reference to high school and homage to the great muse that is the radio propels it into another level. If you just sit back without distractions and listen, “Radio Ga Ga” is a tune that can connect you to a positive memory from your past. It has an indescribable vibe that creates a palette of wonder and lust for life, bringing back and even redeeming lost memories when you were thirsty for new. Maybe it’s the modulated vocals sung behind Freddie Mercury, almost in rounds, and electronic drums in combination with analog drums as Queen is known for.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I sure do love melting into this song. I can relate specifically to sometimes only hearing the “ga ga” in life. I find myself lost in it occasionally.

– Mr. Richard

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