Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Shabba Ranks – The Jam ft. KRS-1 (The Original Jam Mix)

Shabba Ranks – The Jam ft. KRS-1 (The Original Jam Mix) (written by C. Dillon, C. Parker, J. Longo, and S. Mills and produced by KRS-1)

Talk about a golden era hip hop steal.

Literally, Erica invited a friend to go shopping with us and we were frenetically crate digging almost competitively in order to get the record before the other. It can be quite difficult shopping with someone who has the same musical tastes as yourself and there is only one copy of everything that will never be re-released on vinyl. These are cheap finds too as Robert never knows or cares to look up the value of these discs.

I absolutely love Shabba Ranks as I think many current mainstream rappers do too. A$AP Ferg literally wrote a song entitled “Shabba” where Ranks himself was featured on the remix alongside Migos and Busta Rhymes! “The Jam” is from his first album on Epic Records in 1991. Even though his music is considered Jamaican dancehall, Shabba’s lyrics and delivery are beyond ahead of their time in terms of rap. It was said that he started work on another album in 2013 as well. His proflic influence on reggae, dancehall, reggaeton (considered the founder with his hit “Dem bow”), and rap is impressive and “The Jam” really highlights this. I haven’t even mentioned how well KRS-1 collaborated with Shabba for this track. His intelligent rap lyrics and delivery coupled with his ability to produce is amazing.

Unfortunately/fortunately, Ranks’ style is too notable that I can forgive his public condemnation of homosexuals on TV.

– Mr. Richard

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