Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (2/2 – 2/7)

You know what severely hampers record store shopping? SNOW! It has just been dumped down on the Boston area the last two weeks, first with two feet, then another foot and then smaller storms throughout the last week.

I did have a wake and funeral to attend this week. I don’t want to make this a total downer, but a woman who was like a second grandmother to me passed away at 92. She’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever been fortunate enough to have in my life and I hope I have 1% of her goodwill in my bones. She was a music lover too so I’ll be thinking of her while I’m in the stacks.

Thankfully, Garnick’s is just up the street and the guys seem to be open rain, snow or shine (except the Jewish holidays!) so they’re always there to pick you up when you need it. Our music guy, Bobby, was in Florida this week so we didn’t stick around too long, but did take a few minutes to chat turntables, watch silly Russian YouTube videos and go through the stacks.


We picked up only on 7″ disc, Stan Kenton but we grabbed a bunch of 12″ discs too:

Prince (a 12″ we didn’t have for next month’s Price posts!)


The Selecter

Soul Jams

Jazz Samba (an LP with Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd)

A double LP of great Jazz musicians including Chet Baker, Cannonball Adderley, Less McCann, Shorty Rogers and Bud Shank

I also want to give a shout out to WorldHypeTV for the repost of Barrington Levy! Check it out HERE!

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