Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (Album Version)

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (Album Version) (written and composed by Jamiroquai, Jay Kay, and Simon Hale and produced by Jay Kay and Al Stone)

I love artists and singles that have a distinct introduction with a little lag time to get you all hyped up. “Virtual Insanity” has an opening piano riff followed by a smooth crescendo that creates a momentary flood of memories and excitement right into a classic pop hit.

One can’t forget Jamiroquai’s highly celebrated accompanying music video as well, if you’ve ever seen it even once. The moving floor and walls, slick dancing, and very unforgettable hat instantly made that one of my favorite videos to play after school while doing homework to MTV. Now playing it only pumps me up more. Jamiroquai’s incredible ability to sing and write a song that is still lyrically relevant is mind blowing 19 years later!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this in a messy pile at the back of Garnick’s. I squealed and made Frank’s daughter bring it home that day and not put it aside in our future purchase bag. She was as thrilled as I was. But seriously on a side note, we are actually doing well as to not add too many records so that now we’re buying more than are being putting on layaway.

This promotional, UK import maxi single is super precious to us and will never be forgotten about. It’s a perfect track for our company and probably yours too for any occasion. Jamiroquai made a tune that is simply hip with it indefinitely.

– Mr. Richard

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