Mr. Richard’s Reviews: (Bill Nelson’s) Red Noise – Revolt into Style

(Bill Nelson’s) Red Noise – Revolt into Style (written by Bill Nelson and produced by John Leckie and Bill Nelson)

I’m not usually one to be sustained by punk rock for long periods, but this is an extra interesting single to listen to. It’s clearly British in its sound and structure and can be felt immediately. I don’t clearly remember where I found this amazing 45, but I know that I picked it out solely for its opaque sky blue pressing only to realize that it is a live recording too.

Even though this was released in 1979, the inner vinyl circle is intact as though it hadn’t seen much needle time. After one listen, I was instantly intrigued and left longing for more. I can only describe it as much more vibrant, affirmative vibe similar to The Cure with some Sex Pistols and the catchy riffs likened to The Clash mixed in. “Revolt into Style” has a lot of swagger and confidence as mentioned in the title. Bill Nelson’s Red Noise is a group with a lot of talent that isn’t wasted. On the B-Side there is saxophone in the arrangement, highlighting a boldness to challenge and expand music within a genre.

I just think that it’s great and I will be looking for more at Armageddon Records next time that I am in Cambridge, MA. They have the widest selection of punk and hardcore, noise etc. in our area in stock. Unlike many of the record stores around us, Armageddon and others with only one location don’t need to spread their stock around forcing one to have to get it shipped or go to another store.

– Mr. Richard

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