La Famille Soucy

I don’t really know much about this group and as is common with foreign artists, I can’t speak the language! I’ve tried learning various different languages and it’s really just not one of my skills. This was actually one of the first albums I saw at Garnick’s and I was just drawn to the cover, being yummy raspberries but we didn’t pick it up for months.

From the YouTube videos (links in track listing), I did learn La Famille Soucy were active through the 1940s – 1970s, but that’s about it. If you know what country they’re from or more about the group, please let me know in the comments!


Self Titled

La Famille Soucy

Side One

Reel de Riviere-du-Loup
Leve ton Verre
D’la Biere on en Boira
Reel du Sucre D’Erable
Les Fraises et les Framboises
Boum Polka
Y’as-tu d’la Biere Icitte

Side Two

La Raspa
Ton P’tit Bidou Lie Lie
T’es pas Barre
Reel des Patates Brulees
Le Bon Vin m’Endort
J’aime mon P’tit Flocon
La Gigue a Oscar
Je Veux Boire du Rhum
Mes Bons Amis a la Table Ronde
Passe donc le Cabaret
Reel des Indiens


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