A Peek Inside The Music Room

I should warn you before we begin, this is a peek into the music room while it’s still in progress. I’m a bit disappointed to say that it’s been in progress for much too long, there are crates to paint, albums to put away and pictures to be hung up. Oh, and the bed needs to be made. The cats just tend to like it messy as they sleep in the blanket piles and tuck themselves in. I just said I would give y’all a little insight to how we keep the records so I wanted to do that, but you better bet that I’ll be posting a follow up to this post when everything is cleaned up!


The room is a bit hard to photograph as it’s a strange shape, more of a lowercase “b” shape than a square. When you walk in, to your right in what would be the bottom of the “b” is my LP storage and our daybed. All of our guests get a kick out of spending the night in the record room for sure!


Most of the crates are purple as the bed frame is and the remaining crates are gray and yellow. You can see in the above photo that I’m adding another tier to the LP storage and those crates still need to be painted.


These LP crates wrap and hug the corner in the room. My idea is to stagger them in an almost pyramid shape and hang our duplicate albums on display above. My mom found these fantastic album frames that will keep them protected from dust and I won’t need to worry about damaging them with a nail hole or anything like that. I don’t really want to put too many trinkets up on the tops of the crates since it’s great exercise for the cats to walk up and down them.


To your left, down the long side of the room are all my singles. Closest to the doorway are the As and we make our way down to the Zs as we get closer to the window. The above picture shows A – L, all of which have not been cataloged yet. In front are the LPs that need to be put away once those crates are painted!


Between the shelving for all of the 45s, is our Yellow Submarine stick on mural I got through work (an online retailer of home décor). It can be taken down and moved around at any time, but for now it’s plunging between the two shelving units. The above photo was taken looking back out of the room from the back window and you can see, this end is pretty cozy. I don’t want to make the already narrow space any tighter so I staggered the different sections a bit. It also keeps the albums away from being directly on the baseboard heat.


Lastly, this shelf is what I’ve been working on getting cataloged. Working backwards in the alphabet, the bottom right corner would be the Zs and the bottom two and a half shelves have all been cataloged so far. The large gap is for the Ps, which I’m currently working on so they’re in our living room. I definitely don’t intend to have anything laying down like you see, but as I sort everything, it just needed to happen.

The very bottom shelf is full of books. It would be great to use this area for actual singles, but they would be way to close to the heat and likely warp. This bookcase came without a back so it’s very exposed but it fit the 45s so perfectly, I couldn’t help but use it when my mom slapped a fresh coat of paint on it and brought it over.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the peek into my somewhat messy record room! Next month, everything should be all cleaned up and photo shoot ready so I’ll certainly post a follow up as soon as I can. I need to figure out where the outlets are and get some better lighting in there too for next time. Maybe Dawson and Daria will even join us for the shoot!

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