Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (1/26 – 2/1)

Considering we received well over two feet of snow this week and I guess we’re now expecting another foot, making it out to any record store this week was a feat. I didn’t even make it into work for two days because of the weather! I’m still shoveling out from the storm mid-week and now preparing for another. That’s the New England life though!

Knowing we’re likely going to be snowed in again tonight, I went a little nuts at Garnick’s yesterday. Last time we went, two of the guys stayed home because of a storm so we all had to catch up this week. Mostly it was complaining about the plow guys and shoveling. The roomie and I picked up some albums we had set aside and found some gems in the stacks too. The albums are kind of all over the place when it comes to the type of music but you know by now that we’re pretty eclectic!

So what did we grab this week? For 12″ albums we grabbed:

Dirty Vegas

Ray, Goodman & Brown

Bumblebeez 81

The Strangemen

The Bravery

Michigan & Smiley

Johnny, Clegg and Savuka

Sidney Bechet

Katie Webster


Slick Rick

Count Basie

Grateful Dead

As for 45s, we picked up:



The Sandpipers with Mitch Miller and Orchestra


David Bowie

Look forward to these posts and more coming up soon! A lot of the singles we grabbed are on colored vinyl so I think I’m going to have a special post about how colored vinyl is made and what colors I have. I think I have the full rainbow now!

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