Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Gza “The Genius” – Breaker, Breaker

Gza “The Genius” – Breaker, Breaker (composed and produced by Gza)

What do I have to say about such a classic late 90’s Wu-Tang solo project? Get it, buy it, play it, and keep it! “Breaker, Breaker” is an example of Gza’s unprecedented rap and production skills while still maintaining the Wu-Tang sound. Of course, he did start the group and is the main producer but he only gets better with time.

I’m in love with his violin and other string samples that create a distinctive percussion that is beautiful and like no other out there. Being influenced by classical East Asian breaks is apparent on this track. Even though this has all the street credit it needs with its police radio samplings to be rap, its uniqueness comes from its worldly and cultured vibe. Gza’s ability to compose the music and control the mic at the same time is amazing.

This is a great tune to drop for almost any occasion as it is not a go hard rap song and can be played loud at a party or on lower volumes for background music. As a maxi-single itself, it is pretty awesome to have because both sides are simply pressed with the main album versions of the songs, “Publicity” on the B-Side, and followed by their instrumentals. I prefer the ease of being able to just hit play instead of scrolling with the stylus. I’m just lazy when it comes to play singles I guess. I’m sure that I’m not the only one as they are becoming harder to find outside of indie and punk/garage/noise genres.

– Mr. Richard

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