End Of The Month Wrap Up: January 2015

Happy start to the New Year! I hope everyone got great starts on any resolutions or you’re all just having a great start to the year! January brought me a lot of fun events and only about two feet of snow.

To kick the month off, we had to celebrate Mr. Richard’s birthday. Can you believe we’re both approaching 30? I feel bad, as his birthday is two weeks after Christmas and just saying a gift is for both isn’t fun. He deserves a special day too!


As a result, I went a little bigger than usual since I could. I surprised him with a B.Y.O.V event at a brewery. That’s right, Bring Your Own Vinyl at a brewery! Aeronaut Brewery was gracious enough to host the event and some friends of mine from work came, as well as a few of the roomie’s friends. It was a really fun night and if you’re in the Boston area (it’s actually in Somerville) definitely stop in for a glass or growler to bring home. I’d recommend their saison and Mr. Richard would tell you to grab a milk stout!


On top of a night on the town, I surprised him with some new albums. I knew he wanted Barrington Levy but I tossed in some old school guilty pleasures to make him feel young too. The Ying Yang Twins, Rihanna, Sean Paul, Redman and N.W.A. are all now in the collection and some have even been posted on the blog already so be sure to poke around.

We also checked out the Ladies of Boston Rock show at Brighton Music Hall this month. If you’re new to the blog, please be sure to check out the pictures in the original post HERE. I also want to give another shout out to the ladies rocking the Safer is S.E.X.Y. booth. You can learn a little more and get to their links through a new type of update post HERE since I forgot to mention them in the Ladies post. If you’re not familiar with their organization or similar ones, please check them out. Their work in the sexual education field is really monumental.

Speaking of those new type of update posts, I’ve been revamping the blog a little bit. At the start of the blog, I was more personal, then pulled back and now I’m ready to get back into it again. Mostly, I wasn’t sure how to actually work a blog and manage space. I was uploading image files that are way too big and it wasted a lot of space for nothing much. One of those updates is my new Weekly Record Store Updates. The roomie and I go so often, I figured it would be a bit of fun to share with you what we pick up and some of the stories that come out of the trip!

Are you following on social media? You should be! You don’t want to miss a thing. Instagram has fun pictures of the collection, peeks at upcoming posts and more while Twitter and Facebook will be a way to connect with everyone more (if you start following!)

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So, what’s on the agenda for February? It’s Black History month and while I certainly try not to discriminate at any point, I would like to use Mondays in February to highlight specific artists, their impact on society/culture and their influence on me. I also want to visit a local jazz club in Boston for some wine, cheese and good music so be on the look out for everything!

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