Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Nas – Made You Look

Nas – Made You Look (written by Nasir Jones, Salaam Gibbs and Jeremiah Lordan with samples from Lordan’s song “Apache” and performed by The Incredible Bongo Band and produced by Salaam “The Chameleon” Remi)

This hip hop maxi-single is of the first that we started adding to our catalogue together. I had a total of maybe six before I met Frank’s daughter, but it has grown exponentially from then. Ahh, high school- it was a time when I thought that being oddly “cultured” would solidify my image as “that” hip kid that was almost too cool to be on their level… Thankfully we all grow up and mature and realize that not much has changed.

This was a pretty big hit for Nas off of his 2002 release, ‘God’s Son’. This heavily percussion focused track is complimented by the beat of gun shots throughout. Fortunately, Nas has always had the ability to stay on top of trends, often starting them, in rap and hip hop without straying too far from being intelligent lyricism. I really enjoy this single because every word in the song is enunciated at a slower word per minute rate than Nas is capable of. He is known to be able to fire off words almost as fast as the guns that he references, but this selection has an intentional flow that is meant for the audience to be able to fully digest.

At twelve years old, you’d think that this would be harder to find, but there are quite a few copies for sale at reasonably cheap prices. Our copy is in amazing condition and the black and white artwork on the sleeve and the disc is simply classy. Plus the B-Side is “One Mic”, another song of his that we went buck wild for when we saw him perform it live last summer. Nas wrote and produced that tune, showing how versatile and talented he his. With not too much effort, you could be rocking this jam at a loud volume with your windows open. That’s what I do when the weather is nice anyway.

– Mr. Richard

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