Mr. Richard’s Reviews: River Ocean ft. India – Love and Happiness (Junior Boys Own Super Dub Remix)

River Ocean ft. India – Love and Happiness (Yemaya Yochun) (Junior Boys Own Super Dub Remix) (written by India and River Ocean aka “Little” Louie Vega and produced by Louie Vega and remixed by Junior Boys with additional production and remixing by X-Press)

Imagine Animal Collective and Thievery Corporation decided to produce another act together and this is what you end up with. There are animal noise, tribal African vocal, traditional African drumming, house, and dub samples and breaks that make this song pretty amazing. It’s certainly a club and/or rave track if you happen to DJ or just do designer drugs with your record player.

I stumbled upon this crate digging and almost passed it up until I saw that it was a Junior Boys remix. They are a staple mid 90’s dance group so I just had to have it. Plus it is an imported original pressing which makes it collectible and rare.

Erica had the hardest time finding out much information on this release because a lot of the British dub music from that era has been forgotten and not celebrated probably because of abundance. There are literally countless artists and groups that made thousands of songs during that time. Dub is still really most popular in England and for a much smaller per capita niche summer festival crowd in America. Most of it is reggae breaks from Jamaica where dub is a completely different sound. River Ocean is more considered dub-step, which is often defined by a repeating, faster, heavily synthesized sample. Whatever it is, I enjoy it a lot. Anything with traditional folk vocals and animal sounds really revs me up.

Now it’s time to look for some more Louie Vega and/or Junior Boys on vinyl. Our collection could use more art rock and club music without a doubt. It just happens that I go through phases with music choices and right now I’m heavily into jazz, hip hop, and reggae. But a new season or an odd craving may change my course of getting new albums and singles in a moment’s notice.

– Mr. Richard

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