Let’s Get All Sexy And Talk…Storage

Did you know it’s been over two years since I’ve discussed vinyl storage? It’s unbelievable how far my own care of the collection has grown in addition to finally having the full collection in my possession now. Don’t believe me? Check out that original post HERE. Since so much has changed, I want to revisit some of the same storage tips and provide images of what you should and shouldn’t be doing to keep your collection in excellent condition. I’ll be providing a digital tour of the actual record room next week so be sure to check back.


First, let’s go over some basic no-no’s in storing your vinyl collection:

  • Don’t stack your vinyl
  • Don’t jam your vinyl all into one crate
  • Don’t expose your vinyl to harsh conditions

As you can tell from these first two photos, the vinyl is stacked all on top of each other. Not only are you unorganized and it’s harder to find what you want when you go to listen to it, it can warp the vinyl. You don’t want your favorite jam skipping or worse, becoming completely unplayable. Which leads me to jamming your vinyl into one crate. I like to leave room to not only finger through the stack and easily pull something out, but also enough room that I could add one more album without needing to arrange the shelves again. You should have sturdy dividers, because if you’re storing on an angle, even a slight one, the first album is going to bear all the weight of the other albums.


You also shouldn’t expose your albums to the elements; extremely cold and damp areas or hot and sunny spots. Damp areas mean mold and ugh, it’s just the worst. With heat, you get warping and the sun fades the covers. Owning records to make them last can be tricky, but just find a spot in your home (not the basement), out of direct sun and use shelving to keep them away from direct heat sources. You’ll see we have a baseboard heater in the record room so I just avoid using the bottom shelf of the open unit and keep the shades drawn most days unless taking pictures or looking for something during the day.

Now, let’s get a little more positive and talk about some dos for your collection. The below picture is also a better way to keep your storage, as it’s upright and shows the different sizes stored separate from each other.

  • Do invest in sleeves for your vinyl to protect it from scratches
  • Do keep your vinyl upright
  • Do keep your vinyl in an area you’re comfortable in temperature and humidity wise
  • Do keep your sizes separate; 7″, 10″ 12″ don’t mix well together
  • Do check out even more tips HERE and HERE


I’ll be honest, some of sleeves have been victims to the cats. It disappoints me but it’s a lesson learned. We’ve trained the cats now to use actual scratching posts and I’m comfortable having the full collection here with me. I sometimes break my own “rules”, like not having dividers on long shelves but I know I won’t ever be selling the collection as it’s such a part of me that I’m okay with being a little bit naughty here and there. That’s life I suppose!

Hope you all found this useful and look forward to the tour of the music room next week. I’m really excited to put the finishing touches in this next week and show it off! Have a great rest of your week and be sure to check out the social media pages for more pictures and updates!!!

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