Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (1/19 – 1/25)


This week was pretty packed full, with this storm that his New England yesterday the Ladies of Boston Rock show on Thursday. If you missed the original post from the show, check it out HERE! I’ll be covering some more of the show and swag I got there in this post because I do think it’s a very important topic before we launch into the albums.

What I missed talking about in the original post about Ladies of Boston Rock was the Safer is Sexy crew. They do amazing work in the sexual safety field while empowering all women. Oh, and they give out amazing swag bags!


I really suggest checking out their social media pages and website (HERE) to get informed. It always shocks me by how little women can know about their own bodies and am often reminded of that scene from Orange is the New Black on Netflix where it takes the transgendered inmate to explain the actual anatomy (loooove Laverne!!!). That’s only a TV show, but it does ring true, a lot of women have been shamed and embarrassed into not knowing themselves. I think a lot of a woman’s power does come from knowing herself in all ways; you can’t hide or deny a part of you now matter how vanilla or kinky that part of you may be (wink, wink). Mr. Richard loved them too, check out the picture they took with him and his art!


Shea Rose works with them to spread awareness which is how the roomie and I first discovered them, but we’re now looking forward to going to more of their events. In addition to supporting safe sex, they really support artists, musicians and have mad love for the city of Boston. It’s a great organization and the roomie and I are very fortunate to have met some of the ladies at the show on Thursday. See y’all at an upcoming event!!


As I mentioned, we had a storm yesterday, above being the view from our living room. Mr. Richard and I both thought that Garnick’s would be closed, but at least one of the guys decided to trudge through the snow. Rain or shine, you can count on my guys at Garnick’s! Since we had the store to ourselves for the most part, we spent some time digging through areas we don’t usually get too. I even set aside some Broadway soundtracks to pick up at a later date.


What did we scoop for the week? I kind of went big this week since I got my bonus from the day job. Nothing huge, but enough to spoil myself at the record store this week.

Duke Ellington’s Yale Concert

The Modern Jazz Quartet for Ellington

Another Basie album (Mr. Richard is pretty obsessed)


A Rita Marley 12″ single

Listen Up (Various artists including Ray Charles, Tevin Campbell and more!)

Ton Loc Posse Love 12″ single

The Big Chill Soundtrack (Motown baby!)

Denroy Morgan


A 10″ Jazz disc

An awesome book and album combo: The Story of the Music Box

I let the roomie pick out a lot more than 50 / 50 today mostly because I was really happy with his choices and next week I have a stack set aside for myself. For once, I wanted his picks before mine but it’s probably because he thought of me anyway!


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