Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Ray Anthony and his Orchestra- Swing (Swing Dancing)

Ray Anthony and his Orchestra- Swing (Swing Dancing) (arranged by Ray Anthony)

Well this was a great catalogue finger find. I love big band music like Count Basie, etc. but I had no idea that we had 80’s big band. There was nothing really as shockingly innovative as using electric guitar in the orchestra.

“Swing” definitely has a classic big band swing vibe but with a twist. The modulated guitar got me so confused at first that I had to play both sides of this seven inch three times before I could start writing. It’s a super fun track for any lover of swing dancing, especially if dancing is your career. Throw this track on and anyone will be thrown off a little bit.

It only seems appropriate that this single was made under Moonlight Music, Inc. for Aero Space Records, a division of BMI, because this composition is quite a bit out there. Songs like this sometimes make me want to time travel back to each year for a week for the last 125 years just to go to different clubs in different locations. It would only take two and a half years…

But seriously, I was pumped to come across this in our collection. It made for a sweet Sunday surprise. Expect to see more reviews of any big band or orchestrated singles that I come across.

– Mr. Richard

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