Shabba Ranks

Sometimes you have to put personal opinions aside when purchasing music. Or you don’t realize it until after you buy it, like I did. While I don’t support the 1990s controversy around Shabba Ranks “death to homosexuals” comment in any way (it’s repulsive, really, to me), there’s a lot of musicians in the collection not as, uh, liberal as I may be and different cultures can make those rifts in opinion massive.

Shabba Ranks (born Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon; 17 January 1966) is a Jamaican dancehall musician.

He was one of the most popular dancehall artists of his generation. He was also one of the first Jamaican deejays to gain worldwide acceptance, and recognition for his ‘slack’ lyrical expressions and content, when “ridin’ di riddim”. His gravel toned, rough-sounding voice made him instantly recognized worldwide.


The Jam feat. KRS-1

Shabba Ranks

Side One

Back to the Bridge Mix
Ram Jam Mix

Side Two

The Original Jam Mix
Boo-Ya-Ca Mix
Boo-Ya-Ca Dub

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