Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Lost Boyz – Take A Hike

Lost Boyz – Take A Hike (written by Terrance Kelly and performed by Mr. Cheeks and Freaky Tah and produced by Dre Most)

I have been a mega fan of Lost Boyz since I discovered them in late 2001. I remember practicing driving with my dad and the first time I tried out the highway I drove to Manchester, NH, and bought a Lost Boyz and Mates of State CD. My poor father did not appreciate the ride home with incredibly graphic songs, blasting with the bass up in the family Saab. My little brother, who was 11 years old at the time, loved it and is as much of fan of Lost Boyz as I am to this day. Erica loves them too and she can rap along to many of their hits, like we used to due under the influence in art school.

When I found this promotional, radio use only maxi-single, I squealed and immediately put it in my pile at the checkout counter. I don’t even mind that this is the clean version of the song, because it’s one of their few singles that only has three swear words in it. This is incredibly unusual for this group. In fact, when I think of Lost Boyz I become a little sad knowing that they can’t possibly record another track ever. Two of the four members are dead and one is in prison for life. Honestly just google their story. If I were to get into it this review would be super long.

lThis tune is in line with their trademark harmonies over sick beats. Because the three rappers in the group have distinctively different ranges in their voices, “Take A Hike” is like a symphonic gangster rap delight. The lyrics themselves are about showing off their skills as wordsmiths and musicians and they consciously choose to keep the street and slang word count low to highlight their literacy. I love this find and will treasure it proudly.

– Mr. Richard

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