Ladies Of Boston Rock (And Rap, Tap And Sing!)

What a night! I had purchased the tickets for Ladies of Boston Rock quite some time ago so I’ve just been here, excited and waiting for the show. We convinced @Shecollectsvinyl from Instagram to tag along with the roomie and I since she’s one of our favorite people to go crate digging with. The whole night was a blast, experienced with great friends and excellent music.

Traffic on Storrow drive was a nightmare so we were a little late in meeting up with @Shecollectsvinyl but we made it to the show just as doors were opening. I had to pick up my new show swag (you’ll see what I got a little later) and we like to grab a drink and settle in before the bars get too busy.


DJ Leah V. opened up and was already spinning when we settled in. She’s been performing with Dutch ReBelle for a while but it was interesting to find out she’s one half of the duo Orchids as well. Mr. Richard was familiar with the group but I wasn’t and wish I was! They’re an arty rock pair that blew my mind. I’m a sucker for groups that get the electronic feel through uncommon instruments and Orchids slayed on the theremin, which is one of the stranger instruments out there!


Orchids opening was an intriguing decision that was likely fueled by Leah V.’s spinning for Dutch, but the show fit my musical personality so well. I felt like the genres I love so much; rock, soul and hip hop were so masterfully infused, the acts lead beautifully into each other. The decision to follow Orchids with Shea Rose was smart since it goes from an electronica / artsy rock dance party to a soulful, live band, urban rock and hip hop performance.


When Shea Rose hit the stage, she was powerful, beautiful and put on the amazing show we expected with some few twists and turns that were incredibly exciting. I have so many videos and pictures so please, follow @MyDadsAlbums on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because my words may not capture the full experience.


Along with playing some of her hits and my favorite songs, she brought out a tap dancer and did this acoustic song with just the tap, a woman drumming on a wooden box and using chimes and Shea’s beautiful voice. I don’t even know how to describe it. I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s one of those experiences when your jaw is on the ground and the only time it really closes is when you hoot and scream in total appreciation of what’s happening.

Lisa Bello also joined the ladies on stage for a performance of Pretty Girls. The song gets me every time. I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin and it’s a terrible thing to get through. When you finally hit a point where you are comfortable, it’s very freeing and this song is one of the closest I’ve heard that really gets it the closest.


Shea also called up Dutch for a performance of Sinéad O’Connor’s “Black Boys on Mopeds”. It was a very touching way to end her set, in light of recent events. It brought chills to your body. Like I said, I’ll be posting some videos and pictures on social media so be sure to check them out.


Dutch ReBelle opened with “Meant For Me” which also features Lisa Bello. All around, I really loved what each individual woman contributed to the sound of the entire night. All of the styles they brought to the stage were infused so well.


Dutch also played two songs we don’t usually catch live so that was incredible. The roomie and I have seen her live quite a bit and each show is different. It really makes you feel like the tickets were worth it. I’ve seen some bands multiple times and it just gets boring. Dutch manages to keep it fresh and exciting every damn time! Old songs, new songs, it doesn’t matter! Every song Ms. ReBelle performs is pure amazingness. I always say it, but her lyrics and flow are incredible.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite song from Dutch. She has a song for everything, whether I need to be amped up before a long day at work or just need to relax and “Recline”. 2015 will be the year of Dutch ReBelle and the goddess and I’m so glad I caught all of these amazing ones live and all in one place.


After the show, we caught up with Shea and Dutch ReBelle so Mr. Richard could give them his portraits he made for them. I stayed warm with my new Shea Rose beanie as 1:00 AM outside in Boston during winter isn’t the warmest place on earth. Check out the roomie’s art below (photo credit goes to @DutchReBelle herself on Instagram) and be sure to catch any of the ladies from this show live next time you can!!


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