Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Ray, Goodman & Brown – Special Lady

Ray, Goodman & Brown – Special Lady (written by H. Ray, A. Goodman, and L. Walter and produced by Vincent Castellano)

I’m going to start calling incredible singles that I discover for the first time “finger finds”, so don’t be weirded out if you see it in future reviews. This group is my new favorite find of late. I love soul music that makes me groove, even in my seat, and Ray, Goodman & Brown is so good that you have to give them a try. I had never heard of them, but now I won’t forget this group or this particular song.

It immediately made me think of Frank’s daughter and my soul-mate with its chorus arrangement, lyrics, and musicality. I always tell her that “My Girl” is my song for her, but this one may follow slightly behind in my list of tunes that remind me of her. For example, with Erica-

Somehow I knew it would be you

To change my gray skies to blue

And it was strange when you called my name

Ever since that day I haven’t been the same, ooh

Before I met you, my sun didn’t want to shine

Then all of a suddenly you slipped up from behind

Pop (Pop) went the reason in my mind

A sweet special lady

And a very exciting girl (ooh, so exciting)

You gotta be a special lady (what a lady)

‘Cause you got me sittin’ on top of the world

Sittin’ on top of the world

I was like a song so out of key

Then you came and gave my soul a melody

Thanks to you, for pullin’ me through

I’ve always lost but now I win with you

I mean how beautifully is that written? I think limitlessly lovely. It’s poetically inspiring as is Erica. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today, partially due to exposure, and I will always love her. Plus, I “inherited” this sweet record collection.

– Mr. Richard

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