Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Whitney Houston – I Belong to You (U.K. Mix)

Whitney Houston – I Belong to You (U.K. Mix) (written by D. Bramble and F. Golde and produced and arranged by Narada Michael Walden and executively produced by Clive Davis and remixed by John Waddell)

First of all, Erica and I just freaked out hard about the Whitney Houston made-for-TV movie that actually had decent production values, acting, and singing. It was much better than the almost void of value Aaliyah film. Although, we were both kind of waiting for her spiral with Bobby Brown, but unfortunately it never came.

This is an odd crate find for us. It’s a maxi-single without the original version. In fact, there are two dub mixes, so I’m just going to assume that this was intended for a British audience. It screams 1991 when you listen to it and it’s funny because I tend to really remember popular singles that play on the radio and the trends at the time. But it is odd to think that a band like Weezer or The Roots released their first album the same year.

However, I love this finger find. The trip hop club musicality transitions very well into more of the original arrangement. When her vocals come in full blast, it’s incredible Whitney! The way that she would sample herself and layer her lyrics over each other is like no other. She didn’t necessarily write much of her music but Houston did most of her voiced organizations independently.

As a collector of singles, sometimes it does get a little frustrating having to get up and change the disc every three minutes or so. This track is only remixed to run for 8:55… so don’t worry about getting yourself a drink or doing something else because you’ll have plenty of time. The sparkly synthetic tones and her beautiful voice makes this tune worth the trouble of having to move and go through hundreds of maxi-singles because it is pure gold.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE and my (me, Erica!) review of the Whitney Lifetime movie HERE.

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