Denroy Morgan Stands Firm

If you’re looking for a great reggae artist to jam out to, look for Denroy Morgan on vinyl. This is the second time he’s been featured on the blog and probably won’t be the last. Mr. Richard doesn’t tend to review many albums, but I suspect he may write one for Denroy in the summer months when we thaw out a bit. I’m sure if I’m able to find a single in the stacks, he’d review that right away!


Stand Firm

Denroy Morgan

Side One

Rock the House (Jah Love You)
Why Do You Feel the Way You Do
No One is Perfect
I’ll Do Anything for You

Side Two

She Does
Stepping Stone
Time is Longer Than Rope

Side Three

House Dub
Feel Dis Dub
The Perfect Dub
I’ll Do Dub
Standfirm & Dub

Side Four

She Does Dub
Steppin’ Dub
The Rope Dub
Redemption Dub


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