Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (1/12 – 1/18)

This is going to be a new weekly post to be a bit more personal. Since I go to a record store or two a week, I figured I’d do a weekly wrap up of what I picked up and tell some stories about my time in the stacks. This week, I do want to include a little on the Whitney movie too. You know I’m a sucker for Lifetime movies after all!


This last week, I just hit up Garnick’s. I do every Saturday for the most part since it feels like a home away from home for me. This week it was busier than normal, there must have been at least six other hipsters in there with us. Beards were everywhere in the stacks! Mr. Richard and I had planned on being quick this week and just picking up some of what we had set aside so it worked out. If it’s not busy, the guys can tend to yak your ear off.

They did still manage to catch me up in a few stories. One told me a recipe and how to prepare a salmon dish. And how he brought them to his two DJ gigs and shared with his assistant. Another went on about my nail polish and his dislike for black nail polish. It’s always something with those guys and you always get the full story!

We chatted and grabbed a few LPs before heading out for more coffee, art and blog work:

Freddie McGregor

Niney The Observer

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Mr. Richard and I also scooped up this EP with four bands on it that’s a battle of American and British punk groups. For the US, Harrington Saints and The Old Firm Casuals represent and Argy Bargy and Booze & Glory are representing for the U.K.. It’s on a really interesting colored vinyl too. Be on the lookout for this one as it’s really nifty.

To top everything off, we scored a three disc set of 45s. A Story in Jazz features Buck Clayton, Jimmy Rushing and Ada Moore. I’m really excited to give it a listen!

These albums and so many more will be coming up on the blog so be on the look out. If you have any recommendations on new albums I should hunt for, leave them in the comments. I always appreciate finding new music!


We also set up to watch the Whitney movie last night on Lifetime. First off, it was incredibly nice to have the actual hits by the artist used in the movie unlike you know, that train wreck they previously aired that shall not be named. The casting was all much, much better too.

It did sympathize with Bobby Brown a little too much for my liking right off the bat, but without spoiling too much for any of you that DVRed the movie, I guess you never know the true story of who influenced who. I mean, there were jealousy issues throughout the movie, but generally speaking it portrayed in a supportive, almost innocent way.

The movie didn’t focus on much more than the relationship which I felt was inaccurately portrayed but it did humanize a legend. The production, casting, acting, etc. was all much better than most Lifetime movies so check out the reruns if you missed the original airing.

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