Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Salt-N-Pepa – Tramp (Remix)

Salt-N-Pepa – Tramp (Remix) (originally composed by Salt-N-Pepa and produced by Hurby Luv Bug and remixed by Fulsom and McCacklin)

I couldn’t help but review this twelve inch maxi-single, which I had picked up for Frank’s Daughter for a Friday after-work pick-me-up. The reason why I bought this is simply because every collector must own some Salt-N-Pepa. The reason why this song needed reviewing now is because the b-side is the original version of “Push It”, which is currently an insurance commercial bit.

Literally, Salt-N-Pepa appear in the outfits as seen on the single sleeve singing their classic hit. I hate commercials typically, but the music makes me at least like this one and I think of this maxi-single every time that I see it by accident (as we are proficient DVR fast-forwarders).

Although both songs address female sexuality in popular culture at the time, I prefer the way the message is delivered in “Tramp”. Along with Spinderella, Salt and Pepa were and will remain trailblazers for other females in the rap and hip hop industry. I just like that “Tramp” is a collection of allegorical situations as opposed to the more in-your-face sexual lyrics of “Push It”.

Selfishly, I also enjoy the fact that they were composing this piece when I was only 1 years old and yet it was so popular that I remember it playing on the radio years later. This isn’t a particularly rare find, so if you’re looking for a cheap and excellent sample from the Salt-N-Pepa catalogue then just keep crate digging. If you’re just lazy, it’s quite cheap for sale online.

– Mr. Richard

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