A Random Mid-Month Update

I know I don’t do this much, but with the new year, I’m thinking of new things for the blog and social media. I don’t want to shock all of you when I start making some small changes this weekend so consider this a heads up.

I want to change the layout and appearance but I’m not sure if I’ll find one I can settle on this weekend. I’m thinking I want to go with a brighter color to liven things up around here and I may mess with the side bar to make everything easier to navigate. I guess that will probably be the biggest change for you, unless you follow on social media. Which leads me to…

I’ll be getting Twitter this weekend as well! Tweeting!! Imagine that. I’ll tweet what Mr. Richard and I are listening to during lazy Sundays, what I jam out to at work and hopefully connecting with a lot more of you.


The Facebook page will stay as is for the most part; links, major updates and picture albums when I can’t control myself and take a full memory card’s worth. Get your butt over there and give a like! There’s been some great links lately and upcoming events so you’re missing out if you don’t!


Instagram will stay the same too, but I’m going to try to limit myself when I go to concerts and what not. I’ll focus more on daily photos of the albums. I was thinking of merging more of my actual life and closing my personal account because it’s a bit much to have so many accounts, but do you really want selfies of the cats and I?

I also want to get your feedback more. Do y’all want more reviews? More updates like the End of the Month ones? Let me know what you’re into or what you don’t like too much in the comments and lets chat a bit!

I want to freshen everything up for 2015. I think this will be the best year for My Dads Albums and I hope you stick around for the journey!

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