Mr. Richard’s Reviews: The Rays – Elevator Operator

The Rays – Elevator Operator (written by Frank C. Slay and Bob Crewe)

I am not afraid to voice what I typically don’t like, but I have an incredibly difficult time describing what I do enjoy when it comes to music. However, in 2 minutes and 10 seconds I remembered that I do appreciate some 50’s doo-wop surf rock… Labels are silly, so I think I’ll just speak up when I don’t like a particular artist from now on.

This was a great find while cataloguing the 45’s and we have two singles by The Rays. I love that it is upbeat, groovy, and soulful all at once. The lyrics are quite catchy as well. My only real complaint would be that it’s such a short song but it doesn’t need repeating for its full gratification. “Elevator Operator” is as beautifully a fleeting moment as an actual elevator ride may be.

I am really excited about fingering through all of Erica’s obsessive piles due to the golden tunes that I stumble across for the very first time. I feel invigorated when I find a song that like this one which is over 50 years old that is so pleasurable.

– Mr. Richard

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