Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Aswad – Give a Little Love (Extended Version)

Aswad – Give a Little Love (Extended Version) (written by Aswad with D. Warren and A. Hammond and produced by Ron Fair and Aswad)

I’m starting to think that Aswad is one of the better post-partying acts to put on the turntable.

There are two qualities that make this reggae group stand out in our catalogue. The trio is not from the Caribbean and they have such distinctively deep voices. Aswad’s slow lyric tempo combined with easy skanking dub music is perfect for unwinding after the excitement of a celebration. It’s the kind of music that makes great transitions into softer tunes at night or for upbeat tracks in many a playlist.

The explosion of post British groove dub in the 90’s is very evident in all of their discography. Ironically, it had a comeback in the mid 2000’s after the art rock electronic movement in the late 90’s and early 00’s.

“Give a Little Love” is an excellent song that, if you have time to digest the lyrics than it’s pretty profound. It seems like every week the news gets more horrific and our actions are abhorrent, but play this one and you’ll get the urge to do or say something.

This maxi-single is pretty special too for it has “Gimme the Dub” (and the hip hop version) as well as “Feelings”. So as far as a bargain goes, three songs on a single from a chart-topping international group is quite unique.

– Mr. Richard

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