Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Urban Speech – Let Me Go

Urban Speech – Let Me Go (composed and produced by Kevin Osbourne)

This is an interesting twelve inch maxi-single to have picked up for our collection. It’s definitely a look at the early 90’s post British groove movement. Urban Speech is funky, musical, and thought provoking.

Kevin Osbourne and Lynieve Austin were part of a performing eight member band called Easy in the 80’s. After their demise, Kevin continued to make music and Lynieve would always be around to sing along. Although the duo had several promising hits, they would only release one album ‘Do Something’ and this was the first single.

Initially they met in 1986 while attending a performance arts school in London. Osbourne was studying saxophone, one of many instruments he can play, and Austin was honing her singing and dancing skills. Their mutual tastes created a strong friendship and collaboration.

“Let Me Go” is about a real conflict that Lynieve had with her father. She said, “At first, it can be difficult to relive sad or trying moments from your life, but it’s the emotion you feel from past experiences that gives your performance weight”.

It’s also interesting to note that they wanted to their audience to sit through their acts. For Osbourne, he expected people to want to listen to the lyrics because of their attachment to their musicality. This is sort of against the grain as their sound is filled with funk, R&B, pop, and house along with Osbourne’s hip-hop lyrical flare.

Luckily for us, this single has five versions of the track and another track called “Jamaica Funk”, which is a great tune too.

– Mr. Richard

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