Mr. Richard’s Reviews: El-P – Sunrise Over Bklyn

El-P- Sunrise Over Bklyn (written by J. Meline and produced by El-P)

Since the mid 90’s El-P has been a strong player in the independent production and rap game. El-P, a.k.a. El Producto, first got his start with the trio Company Flow, considered intelligent hip-hop.

El Producto collaborated with such acts as Blackalicious, Mos Def and Dilated Peoples. He then moved onto the classic Harlem group Cannibal Ox until 2001 when El-P left to start the Definitive Jux music production company. After he released his critically acclaimed album ‘Fantastic Damage’ in 2002, he switched up his style and started work on ‘High Water’, dropping in 2004.

El-P began collaborating with Mathew Shipp to curate his Blue Series Continuum. This is one of three songs, part of that series released on vinyl only prior to ‘High Water’ in 2003. El-P essentially created a team of fringe jazz musicians in order to put his production touch on it. This team consists of Guillermo E. Brown on drums, Roy Campbell on trumpet, Daniel Carter on reeds, William Parker on bass, Mathew Shipp on piano, and Steve Swell on trombone.

The result is a gorgeous harmony that has symphonic qualities as well as moments of almost free jazz. It sucks that this ten inch single literally is the one song, pressed on one side only. I always play it twice, because it’s so beautifully composed that it is too fleeting to listen only once. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the other two singles from this series. I’m glad I found this one, as they are out of print and were sort of rare to begin with.

– Mr. Richard

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