Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Red Peters with Anthony “Babe” Marino and his Orchestra – Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)

Red Peters with Anthony “Babe” Marino and his Orchestra – Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me) (composed and produced by Red Peters and Anthony Marino)

Wow!… Understandably this song was released in 1987 and is meant to be a parody, but it pushes the line of acceptable lyrics in a song even by the most hardcore of rap or electronic pop standards.

Of course Frank had this in his collection as this would’ve been right up his alley in terms of humor. Blue collar isn’t even close to its level of raunchiness and degradation of sexuality in music. Ironically, I love that Douglas Stevens, a.k.a. Red Peters, is from the Boston area and has had success as his career has transformed. He was a successful recording musician with a band, then a comedic performance artist and eventually a comic and music act.

In addition, this was his first single, followed by a second five years later, and his first album in another five years. As a major fan of big band music, I love the story of how Peters and Marino were toying with the idea of the arrangement and one day the lyrics just flowed out. According to Peters, he said, “We brought the scratch recording to a party that night and people went shithouse for it. We went on to formally record it with his orchestra along with the Alan Pinchloaf Singers. And the rest is history.”.

I was going to list some of what is said in this tune, but I don’t want anyone to be offended so the link to the song is HERE and you can google the lyrics if needed. I will never forget the first time that I played this single, looking for one to review, and laughing in shock by myself.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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