Mr. Richard’s Reviews: David Bowie – Fame 90 with Queen Latifah

David Bowie – Fame 90 with Queen Latifah (originally written by David Bowie, John Lennon and Carlos Alomar and produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin, “Fame 90 with Queen Latifah” additional production by D.J. Mark “The 45 King” and remixed and produced by Ron Fair)

David Bowie has always been a staple for dancing with myself. I’ve always had a thing for getting a little crazy in my room with Bowie blasting. It started in college, when I finally realized how much of a unique artist he was and that I loved his music.

Other than “Dancing in the Street” featuring Mick Jagger, there isn’t a Bowie song that I would skip over. This twelve inch maxi-single is particularly interesting, because it doesn’t contain the original version at all, it was released fifteen years after its original release date, and it appeared on the soundtrack for Pretty Woman.

The fact that Queen Latifah was rising as a very successful female, solo MC helped to reboot the popularity of this song and gave both artists considerable credit. Obviously this wasn’t the first rock and rap remix, but it’s only second to Run DMC’s “Walk This Way”. I love the way that Queen Latifah addresses rapping about selling drugs and the criminal life in poverty as no way to rise to fame. Also, her ability to weave her lyrics in and around Bowie’s hook proves her capability as a wordsmith at a time when female rappers were far and few between.

Females will always be segregated in the music industry, but this genre was especially hard on women in the 90’s. Queen Latifah will probably be remembered for her acting and TV careers, but I’ll always respect her as an artist and pioneer for other acts to follow.

– Mr. Richard

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