Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Re-Flex – Flex It!

Re-Flex – Flex It! (composed by –Craig and Paul Fishman and produced by John Punter)

If you’re looking for something that sounds like a lot of other stuff, then Re-Flex is the one-hit-wonder for you. Apparently, the single, “The Politics of Dancing”, peaked at 23 on the Billboard Top 40, but I prefer the less popular b-side.

In fact, it was only beat out by Shalamar’s “Dancing in the Sheets” for the Footloose soundtrack. Critics called out Re-Flex for being so musically derivative of other bands at the time, like Heaven 17, another popular British new-wave group. However, it was irresistible in the clubs and on the radio.

It’s like they say, “When you’re feeling down my friend, make a move and flex it! When you’re feeling stiff you know, ease it up and flex it!”. It’s much easier to digest the meaning of this song than the actual single. It refers to working against the odds and declares that “actions speak louder than words”, as in get off the couch, dance it out for a second, and then start or continue making your art.

As a visual artist, I can definitely relate to the feeling of being soft and not working hard enough to achieve my dreams. A dream is only that without achievable goals in between the idea and the result. It’s definitely a more mature song than Raffi’s “Shake Your Sillies Out”, but relatively similar in concept.

– Mr. Richard

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