Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Gebah Swaray – (…Once More) Let’s Come Together

Gebah Swaray – (…Once More) Let’s Come Together (composed, arranged and produced by Gebah Swaray)

For Americanized, African music, Gebah Swaray put together two songs that make a really interesting twelve inch maxi-single. I appreciate that he didn’t stray too far from his roots in terms of African musicality while delivering a positive message from an unsettling observation of the status of the African continent at the time.

Not too much has changed, but for an international selection at least it’s not another Jamaican singing about unity. In fact, Gebah and his wife, Maudeline, are Liberian citizens living and making music in New Jersey. They only have two full albums in their discography, but quite a few singles including this one.

Most of their music is focused around the struggles of Liberia’s unstable government since 1980. This song was recorded during the first of two civil wars in 1992, four years into a bloody war that killed hundreds of thousands of people and didn’t end until 1996. Honestly, just “Google” Liberia and your heart will be torn, especially as it’s currently in another crisis- Ebola. Then once you’re done crying, put this track on and you will be reminded that it is possible to stay positive during times of calamity.

Whether it’s a major problem or a small one, “Let’s Come Together” and create a movement of energy and suffering for others.

– Mr. Richard

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