End Of The Month Wrap Up: December 2014


Counting down to the New Year has had me reflecting on the past year a lot. Personally, it has been a major year for me and this blog. I’ve gained many followers, the social media pages are blowing up and I’ve made a lot of great personal connections through it all. I’ve also managed to get the roomie on board! I hope you’re enjoying the reviews!

The first few months of 2014, I really wasn’t posting often. Or at all. That all started to change around April and by June, I had these End of the Month Wrap Ups (check out June’s start to the wrap ups HERE), was settled into the new record room at home and was actually getting out to see more concerts.

In July, I was almost posting every day which was great – I was cataloging everything at a decent pace and just starting to manage the social media pages. Oh, and I jumped off a building! Check out my cat lady outfit and pictures of me scaling a 22 story building in Boston in the July wrap up. I also introduced the roomie to the Lowell Folk Fest and I’m already excited for the food and music next year!

August was quite the month! I first fell in love with Shea Rose, Dutch ReBelle and STL GLD at the Urban Music Fest and, well, the rest is history as you may know.

August also marked the start of what I hope to be change in America. Artists began speaking out about Michael Brown and although there have been more excessive force cases since, we’re ending the year with protests going strong and hopefully people are not only talking to each other to better our country but listening too.

September was a huge music month for me. Boston Calling, Dutch ReBelle’s album release party, so many trips to the record stores and I amped up my posting then. You can check out the original wrap up HERE for some pictures of the shows and links back to Facebook and some other posts about all the events.

In October, I went to the Boston Music Awards nominee announcement at Lawn on D since Dutch was performing again. It was here that we met her family and got to take some pictures together. I’ve said it a million times in the last few months, bit you need to check her out if you haven’t already.

November was a slower month for music as the holidays were approaching but there were some pretty awesome small events I managed to get to. Check them out HERE.

Even with all the hectic holiday dashing around I’ve done this month, I’ve managed to keep up on posting in December and managed to get to the Boston Music Awards. You can check out the original post if you’d like, but if not, let me tell you, it was quite the experience.

Everything seemed to come full circle, with Dutch winning an award. We’d been to a free show, her album release, the nominee announcement to see her and then to watch her perform right after winning was incredibly amazing.

I also got out to the record store on Saturdays, always starting with a quick trip to the diner around the corner. This last weekend we were joined by a friend from Lynn and it was a battle of who could dig faster and snipe out the best records. She’ll likely be attending the Dutch ReBelle and Shea Rose concert with us next month.

Well, that was my whole year in a nutshell. I hope you all had equally fantastic years and continue to do so into the New Year! Be safe tonight and have some fun!!

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