Summer Bunnies

Anything with the word summer in it makes me wish it was actually summer now. New England winters are not fun for those of us who are constantly cold to begin with. Although it has seemed unseasonably warmer this year, I still hate it when it’s below 50 degrees.

There’s something about R. Kelly that makes me look past his indiscretions. I’ve always been a fan of his music and some songs really hold a special place in my heart. There was a summer when a dishwasher from my job and I would hang out a ton and he’d sing R. Kelly songs when we’d sit around drinking. He passed away suddenly a few summers later so it’s a bittersweet memory for me but does make me smile.

Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967), known professionally as R. Kelly, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper and former professional basketball player. A native of Chicago, often referred to as the King of R&B, he began performing during the late 1980s and debuted in 1992 with the group Public Announcement.

In 1993, Kelly went solo with the album 12 Play. He is known for a collection of major hit singles including “Bump N’ Grind”, “I Believe I Can Fly”, “Ignition (Remix)”, “I’m a Flirt”, the hip-hopera “Trapped in the Closet” and more. His distinctive sound and style has influenced numerous hip hop and contemporary R&B artists. Kelly became the first music star to play professional basketball, when he got signed in 1997.

Kelly has written, produced, and remixed songs and albums for many artists, including Aaliyah’s 1994 debut album Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. In 1996, Kelly was nominated for a Grammy for writing Michael Jackson’s song “You Are Not Alone”. In 2002 and 2004, Kelly released collaboration albums with rapper Jay-Z and has been a guest vocalist for other hip hop artists like Nas, Sean Combs, and The Notorious B.I.G.

R. Kelly has released 12 solo studio albums, and sold over 100 million records worldwide making him the most successful R&B male artist of the 1990s and also one of the best selling musical artists of all time. He has been credited for helping redefine R&B and hip hop, earning the nicknames “King of R&B” and “King of Pop-Soul”.


Summer Bunnies

R. Kelly

Side One

Summer Bunnies (Summer Bunnies Contest Extended Remix)
Summer Bunnies (LP Version)

Side Two

Summer Bunnies (Loverman’s Picnic Extended Mix)
Summer Bunnies (Loverman’s Picnic Dub)
Freak Dat Booty

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