Riddim Driven: Earth, Wind “N” Flames

The Riddim albums are actually part of a series featuring reggae artists. We found this one a little while back at Garnick’s and actually found a second one this last weekend so it’s set aside for next time. I haven’t looked up how many are actually in the series but would like to have them all. They’re great mixes and feature some new artists for me.


Riddim Driven: Earth, Wind “N” Flames

Various Artists

Side One

Believe It or Not – Bounty Killer & Spragga Benz
Gun Shot in the Night – Sugar Slick & Briggy
Nothing Else – Assasin
Next to You – Bling Dawg
Straight Gangster – VYBZ Cartel feat Snow Cone

Side Two

War ah Go Jump Off – Earth Worm
Squeeze the Trigger – Killer Bee
Shoot for Free – Stranger & Keke-Flinte
Yuh Style – Wasp Nest & Snow Cone
Gully Mouth – Red Rat

Side Three

Gimmie Ya – Frisco Kid
Cruel – Mr. Pepper
Gun Plus Gun – Shane-O
Who’s Hot – Lady Saw
Cann Hold Yu Mann – Spice

Side Four

Spelling B – Shane-O
Anything – Snow Cone
Talk Yu Talk – Tamahawk
Get High – Nitty Kutchie
From Dem Say Gun  – Greg Hinds

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