Rex Smith And Rachel Sweet’s Everlasting Love

I’m not really going to focus on Rex Smith for this entry because I know for certain I have another single from him. I’m not certain that I have another single from Rachel so to be fair and spread the information around, I’ll be saving Rex’s bio for later.

Rex Smith (born September 19, 1955, Florida) is an American actor and singer.

Rachel Sweet (born July 28, 1962, Ohio) is an American singer, TV writer and actress.

After beginning her singing career at the age of three, she began recording commercials at six, toured with Mickey Rooney, and performed in Las Vegas as the opening act for Bill Cosby at the age of twelve.

Rachel began recording country music in 1974, but with little success beyond one minor Country Chart hit. Switching to rock and roll, she released her first album in 1978, dropping out of high school to concentrate on her career. The album was a critical success, but sales were poor, although she did have some success with the single “B-A-B-Y”. She also generated some controversy for her Lolita-like image. Her follow-up album was largely ignored by the public and the music media. She then signed to Columbia Records in 1981, releasing … And Then He Kissed Me, which launched the hit single, “Everlasting Love”, a duet with Rex Smith. Sweet only released one more album before retiring to resume her education.

She returned to music sporadically as she focused on her education, recording the title track to John Waters’ film Hairspray and many of the songs for his musical Cry-Baby. In 1989 and 1990, she hosted a show on The Comedy Channel (forerunner of Comedy Central) called The Sweet Life She also recorded the theme song to the Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All; the theme song was a reworking of the theme song for The Sweet Life. She also provided the voice for the Barbie animated series. In 1992 Sweet appeared in a minor role as George Costanza’s cousin on an episode of Seinfeld, “The Contest.” She has since focused on establishing an acting, writing, and producing career and has worked in television production since the late 1990s.


Side One

Everlasting Love

Side Two

Still Thinking of You
Billy and the Gun

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