Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree With Silver And Gold Jingle Bells


One of my favorite parts of Christmas while growing up was helping my dad pick out the playlist for the evening. I’ve mentioned that before right? I’ve posted a ton of Christmas albums over the years and keep adding more. You can check them all out HERE (or use the tags at the bottom).

While I don’t particularly enjoy any Christmas music before the actual holiday, that may be a side effect of working retail. Come Christmas Eve though? It’s on! I wanted to create a little playlist for y’all with some classics and hopefully some new Christmas songs for you!

There are some various artist LPs that I’m going to include at the end because these are great to just put on and tend your hosting and gifting duties, but let’s start with a hit from each of the Christmas albums I have by a single artist. You can click on the song title to hear for yourself on YouTube too!


Bing Crosby – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

I know, some of you may be thinking that White Christmas would be the obviously Bing choice. However, I just love Home for Christmas. It’s so dreamy when Bing sings it, the song just makes you swoon!

The Tractors – The Santa Claus Boogie

Get your cowboy boots on and let’s square dance around the tree this year! Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of this song. If I’m going to do country, I want ballads. It’s just so very reminiscent of 90s country music so if you want to see how far the genre has come, give a listen!

The Uniques – Merry Christmas Darling

Every Christmas party needs a little doo wop! This is a standard doo wop song, with the deep bass tones and styling of the song. I wasn’t very familiar with the song, despite having already entered it on the blog, but it was a very nice, romantic song to toss on when you’re snuggled up by a fireplace. I don’t have a fireplace and my snuggles are with cats but it’s still worth tossing on!

Barbra Streisand – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Babs does Christmas? I guess I forget how Jewish performers have to perform to the audience sometimes! I’m not sure what I was really expecting, but the album is a bit more calm than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because we put it on during dinner and we were chatting, but there wasn’t any truly stand out songs. If any, I’d pick Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas for my favorite song on the album.

The Ravers – It’s Gonna Be a Punk Rock Christmas

While I’m picking this for the fact it is the title track from the EP, Silent Night by The Ravers is a very close second from the group. Their version is far from silent though! I’m not sure Punk Rock Christmas will be a hit with all your guests but it’s definitely a nice break from the same old Christmas songs!


Various Artist LPs

A Motown Christmas (Check out the original post HERE)

Obviously, this needs to be on your Christmas playlist, if not at the top of the list. I’m not even capable of picking a favorite song from this double LP, each one is just that perfect. You have a young Jackson 5 bringing in some child-like glee to the songs balanced with the maturity of groups like the Supremes and Temptations. Oh and Stevie Wonder slays his Christmas songs!

An Old Fashioned Country Christmas (Check out the original post HERE)

Is your country Christmas going from Christmas Eve until the wee hours and then picking up on Christmas all over again? Okay, good, because this is a five disc set. Everyone in country is featured. Chet Atkins, Dottie West, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Dean and so, so many more. I would give all the discs a listen if I were you and you know I’m not even a fan of country. I do still have an appreciation of this era of artists.

I would recommend starting with disc two to listen to Johnny Cash’s Christmas As I Knew It and then maybe hop around. Out of al the artists on the discs, I do really love Mr. Cash. If you’re a big Chet Atkins fan, he’s the only artist on each disc. I do kind of wish there was one less song from him and one more from the Ames Brothers since they have only one song on the five discs. I’ve recently rediscovered the Ames Brothers for their Christmas music. Their voices are just the perfect bit of heaven.

The Wonderful World Of Christmas (Check out the original post HERE)

I guess a mix isn’t a Christmas mix without Bing. Luckily, it isn’t the same song as I picked before. It’s actually a medley of What Child Is This and The Holly And The Ivy. There’s other fantastic artists on this LP, including Dinah Shore, Anne Murray, The New Christy Minstrels, The Hollywood Pops Orchestra and more!


Have a very Merry Christmas! Be safe, jolly and have a wonderful time!!



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