Richard Hayman’s Winter Wonderland

Richard Hayman (March 27, 1920 – February 5, 2014) was an American arranger, harmonica player and conductor.

He started out as a player and arranger for a harmonica group before becoming an arranger for MGM studios during the early 1940s. He did arrangements (often uncredited) for the MGM films Girl Crazy, Meet Me in St. Louis and Thousands Cheer. In the 1950s and 60s, Hayman recorded a series of albums for Mercury Records.

Hayman is most famous for having been the principal arranger at the Boston Pops Orchestra for over 30 years where his award-winning arrangements are still used today.

Richard’s biggest hit was the 1953 single “Ruby”. He took the theme for the movie “Ruby Gentry”, and through his specially stylized arrangement, utilizing a harmonica as the solo instrument with a large, quasi-symphonic orchestra, the song zoomed to the top of the hit parade all over the world and brought about a renewed interest in the harmonica.


Side One

Winter Wonderland

Side Two

Vera Cruz

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