Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Rick Astley – Together Forever (Remix)

Rick Astley – Together Forever (Remix) (written and produced by Stock, Aitken, and Waterman and remixed by Pete Hammond)

Rick Astley is one of many artists, floating around my head that I only like a few songs by them but I can never remember the titles. I had to listen to all of our singles by him before deciding which one to review as a result. In the end though, it worked out because I found the remixed version of Astley’s “Together Forever” which was worth a few unpleasant tracks. I love dance tracks and this remix amps up its value for a party playlist.

Rick Astley is a true industry artist and I can understand your contempt for him or his sound. He was discovered by producer Pete Waterman in 1985 while he was performing in the English soul band FBI. After that, Waterman’s team, Stock-Aitken-Waterman, took Astley under their wing. They wrote and produced many hits including “Never Gonna Give You Up” and this one. Rick Astley did write some of his own material, but it was never as successful as Waterman’s work. I’m sure, like many “artists” past and present, he made a lot of money for his record labels.

However, next time that you hear this song on some XM radio station while shopping don’t be afraid to dance in the aisle!

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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