A Hangover Saved Rick James

Do you know “Six Degrees of Separation”? How you can connect everyone within six steps? A friend of a friend of a friend? I’ve come to find it’s true, especially as I try to get older and meet more people. What does any of this have to do with a hung over Rick James? Who is he even connected to?

Charlie Manson. Well, the Manson family to be correct. You may remember a previous post on Rick James mentioned he was a draft dodger and fled to Toronto. This tale begins after he returned…

Returning to California from Toronto in 1969, James got involved with hair stylist Jay Sebring, who agreed to invest in James’ music. One night, Sebring invited James and his girlfriend to a party hosted by Sebring’s friend Sharon Tate. Rick claimed a “horrible hangover” forced him to cancel his visit to the house. That night, Sebring, Tate and their other guests were murdered by members of Charles Manson’s family.


Side One

Can’t Stop

Side Two

Oh What a Night (4 Luv)


Side One

Give It to Me Baby

Side Two

Don’t Give Up on Love


Side One


Side Two

Glow (Instrumental)

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