Mr. Richard’s Reviews: I Threes – Many Are Called

I Threes Many Are Called (composed by Judy Mowatt and produced by Ricky Walters and Grub Cooper)

This is actually the B-side of the “Music For The World” maxi-single by the most influential female, Jamaican group of all time. Of course, they are known for providing the harmonies for Bob Marley’s recordings and performances from their inception in 1974 until his death ten years later.

Judy Mowatt was probably the least recognizable member of the I Threes, but her writing on this song is amazing and underappreciated. Marcia Griffiths invited Mowatt and Rita Marley to perform a song she was doing with Bob Andy. Then Bob Marley invited the women to a recording session for his album ‘Jah Live’ and he was so inspired that they were invited to record more songs and the group was formed. After his death, they stayed together as a group for a little while until pursuing solo careers.

We have several Judy Mowatt albums that are incredibly powerful to listen to. Judy has a tendency to write songs that have that old-school reggae sound, but are realistic and almost prophetic. This track is about how everybody talks about brotherhood, sisterhood, and world peace, but when one looks it can’t be found. After listening to this, it is clear that Judy Mowatt wants you to consider yourself chosen and make your own peace for others.

– Mr. Richard

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