Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Oniké – Bush Woman

Oniké – Bush Woman (composed by Oniké and produced by Fred Wesley and Oniké)

This is one of the weirdest finds that I picked out for the collection. I love Jamaican music, but there are other islands in the Caribbean that also produce fabulous sub genres and ethnic versions of other more mainstream genres. When you try and find out anything about this woman, there is almost no information.

I know that she recorded this in 1984 and that she is from Trinidad. Otherwise, it is an incredibly enlightening track about the struggles of women in Trinidad just trying to survive traditionally. It talks about wanting okra and ginger in the chorus, which is sandwiched masterfully into an old-school ska reggae sound. And like many 80’s reggae maxi-singles, there is the short, long and dub versions of the one song only. When I play it, it brings me back to warmer weather and smooth listening always.

– Mr. Richard

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