Don’t Walk Away From Bruce’s Affair Of The Heart

I had written a general overview of Rick Springfield’s career on a previous LP post and I have plenty of his singles so I wanted to kick it off with his acting since his TV career was pretty legendary (for those of you who watch the Soaps!).

In 1978, Rick got his start in acting in a role on Saga of a Star World, which was, with some differences, the pilot episode of the original Battlestar Galactica TV series. In 1981, Springfield became a soap opera star on General Hospital.

He had already recorded the album Working Class Dog, which wasn’t expected to do very well, which is why Springfield took the soap role. However, the song “Jessie’s Girl” went to No. 1, and Springfield ended up both playing the role of Dr. Noah Drake, while simultaneously going on tour with his band. The success of the song boosted the ratings of the show and the fame from the show likewise boosted the sale of the song.

In 1984, he made a full-length feature film titled Hard to Hold, and in 1998, he played in the film Legion. In 1992, he played the title role in the short-lived ABC series Human Target, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Along with other roles, from 1994 to 1997 he starred in the television series High Tide.

In addition to the roles on television and in film, Springfield also acted in musical theatre. In 1995, he was a member of the original Broadway cast of the Tony Award-nominated musical Smokey Joe’s Café.

Rick has also starred in a few TV shows as himself, or a version of himself. First, he appeared on several episodes of the third season of Showtime’s Californication. He plays a “twisted version of himself”; a “hedonistic Rick Springfield” from the past. Springfield also starred in “Everything Goes Better With Vampires”, an episode of Hot in Cleveland. He played the role of a toll booth worker who pretended to be the famous singer/musician Rick Springfield in an attempt to impress women.

In December 2005, Springfield was asked by the General Hospital producers to return to the show, and he returned to his role as Dr. Noah Drake after a 23-year absence. His run was subsequently extended, although as of 2007 he remains a guest star on recurring status, and not a full contract cast member. Springfield returned to General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake in April, 2013.


Side One


Side Two



Side One

Affair of the Heart

Side Two

Like Father, Like Son


Side One

Don’t Walk Away

Side Two


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