Mr. Richard Reviews: Boston Music Awards 2014

Wow, what a fun night we had! Firstly, the venue at the Revere Hotel Boston Common was perfect. It is gorgeous, the staff was super friendly, and the stage area separations were ideal for this kind of event (not to Yelp too much). Secondly, Frank’s daughter, my best friend and sugar roommate, looked amazing as did most of the crowd and she not only tolerated but moderated my mania. And thirdly, because of its size and setup, the performances were beyond intimate for a well-respected award show.

I had so much fun dancing, that I actually produced feet sweat, which is hard for someone with a handicapped walk. Strategically, we mostly stayed in the Space 57 Stage, as Dutch Rebelle was performing there before STL GLD was set to play. It worked out as we both enjoyed Creaturos, Sidewalk Driver, and Goddamn Draculas whom performed before the goddess. The stage had plenty of couches, tables and chairs, bars, and two levels around it. Although the acoustics could have been affected by the concrete floor and walls, the amount of fans buffered it well enough that there were few hiccups.

As always Ms. Rebelle put on an amazing performance, dressed to the nine, before being awarded hip-hop artist of the year. We were so close she was basically walking around us and that’s rare for a live show. Sidewalk Driver certainly took advantage of this opportunity by changing wardrobe for every song and singing in the middle of the crowd. This was as memorable a Dutch experience as when we went to the initial nomination show, in the rain, at Lawn On D. It’s so nice that Ms. Rebelle and her family recognize us now and don’t mind when we swing by and mingle for a few minutes. Her family support system is so incredibly charming that it makes me envious. Her mother loves that I know a little Haitian Creole and speak French, because she always hugs me now and asks about us.

STL GLD turned it up for this appearance for sure. We moved over to Theatre 1 Stage after Dutch Rebelle to catch the end of Johnny A, who definitely deserved his Hall of Fame recognition, before STL GLD went on. Again, we got a front row couch seat, with tables, and it was a nice break before Moe Pope and The Arcitype wowed us with sound. We were glad that Moe addressed the situations with race and the police across the country. We were also pleased that The Arcitype, as always, switched up some of his samples for their songs. For example, we got a Peter, Bjorn, and John as well as a Johnny Cash clip for sure! He is an amazing producer and has great chemistry with Moe Pope and Christopher Talken on stage. Of course, Talken was quite drunk after taking advantage of free drinks for performers and they went on late. He’s always able to perform though, like during Dutch Rebelle’s ‘Rebelle Diaries’ release party.

I would just like to thank my roommate for being such a great person in general. I’m not the only one whom she cares deeply for without judgment. She truly made my night and weekend and we plan on returning next year undoubtedly! Without her in my life, none of this would be possible. She is my goddess and a rare gem of a friend.

– Mr. Richard

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