Happy Hanukkah!

I guess technically, celebrations started last night at sunset but according to the calendar, today is the start of Hanukkah. Not being Jewish, I’m not 100% on the traditions but I’m also not about to leave anybody out! My research did only bring me to three songs from artists I have (or would possibly have someday) in the record collection:

Light One Candle

“Light One Candle” is a 1983 Hanukkah song written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary. It is a very popular song and it has been sung by the trio at their concerts. It is a song that encourages the Jewish people to remember the history of the holiday and continue their heritage.

The Chanukah Song

The Chanukah Song is a series of popular Hanukkah songs by Adam Sandler that are each a slightly different variation of a list of Jewish celebrities listed by Sandler for Jewish children who feel isolated during the Christmas season. It begun as a skit on Saturday Night Live and then appeared on his album What the Hell Happened to Me?. Due to its popularity, Sandler recorded two follow-ups of the song. The songs often gets airplay during the winter holiday season.

Hanukkah Hey Ya

“Hanukkah Hey Ya” is a Hanukkah spoof of a chart-topping 2003 OutKast song, “Hey Ya!,” by American comedian Eric Schwartz.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe holiday! If you know of any pop music songs celebrating the holiday, please let me know in the comments. I’m off to pick up some Manischewitz for my guys at the record store!!

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