Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Right Said Fred- I’m Too Sexy

Right Said Fred- I’m Too Sexy (composed by Fred Fairbrass, Richard Fairbrass, and Rob Manzoli and produced by Tommy D)

First of all, this is the absolute best tune to have a fashion show to. If you ever come home with new clothes, thrift shop, or are cleaning out your closets, then this is what needs to be played. It is so hard not to feel amazing about yourself after the first chorus comes through the speakers. It literally makes me catwalk.

The reason why I had to review this song is because both Frank and his daughter had the lyrics memorized and would sing it to each other. Now, I play this and my roommate, no matter where she is in the apartment, will sing every word to a tee.

One of the oddest facts about this 45 is that Right Said Fred wrote, “All thanks to Jimi Hendrix for his supreme inspiration”. Jimi Hendrix is the last musician that I would think influenced the sound of this group. But whatever, “I’m too sexy for sure”…

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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